IBU2UM Truck Module-I.B.U. Advanced Electronics Systems

IBU2UM Truck Module

R/C Truck Multifunctional module
The IBU2M Truck module itís the natural evolution of original IBU2 Truck, it offers superior performance combined with flexibility and ease of use.
The IBU2 Ultimate module completely replaces the electronics present in the RC Truck, allowing to customize all the sound effects
and use a proportional radio from 4 to 10 channels (AM, FM, 2.4 GHz or FlySky I-Bus) for full truck control.
The operating firmware can be freely downloaded and updated (when released) by the user.

  • Sound effects are fully user definable via supplied microSD card, so any type of truck can be selected or something totally unique.
  • MicroSD and MicroSD HC fully supported up to 16 Gbyte size (supplied microSD size may vary)
  • Fully synchronized sounds with truck actions, including engine start-up and shutdown, rev up, brake, reverse beep, horn, indicators, change of speed, gear selection, air discharge, trailer hook up, and many more.
  • User settings changeable via the supplied microSD card, no special software required.
  • User can define top speed 0-100% in every gear (mechanical 3 speed gearbox or gearbox emulation)
  • User can define restricted reverse speed for added realism.
  • Compatible with Tamiya lighting tractor unit and trailer units. (See Note 1 under Lights Output Section)
  • Lighting effects controlled via the remote using 4 channel radio set. Including hazards, head lights and tail lights, turn indicators, high beam, fog lights, side/roof lights.
  • Automatic synchronized features like reverse beep and reverse light during reversing, brake sounds and brake light (when braking), indicators during slow speed turns.
  • Proportional (Throttle dependent) cab vibration unit control for realism. (sold separately)
  • Proportional (Throttle dependent) output for smoke generator. (sold separately)
  • Modern ESC allowing ultra realistic speed control even at slow speeds. And higher efficiency allowing longer battery run time.
  • User changeable protection, IBU2 Truck module is protected by 2A resettable fuse and 10A fuse for ESC. No more sending back to manufacturer for repair after accidental electrical short.
  • Support for Li-Po (2 or 3 cells), Ni-Cd/Ni-Mh from 6 up to 10 cells), with audible and visual warning of low battery
  • Outputs for Steer, Gear Shift, trailer Lock/Unlock servos
  • Output for external ESC
  • Output for IR code transmission, to be used in conjunction with IBU RTM (IR Remote controlled Trailer Module). This module (available in late 2018 and sold separately) allow wireless communication to trailer and can drive rear light, brake lights, turn indicators and hazard, and raise/lower the support legs 
  • 4 optional sounds selectable by remote control
  • Remote adjustable audio volume control using a spare radio channel
  • Audible alerts: microSD error, System Ready, Low Battery, Empty Battery, Inactivity or lost transmitter signal.
  • Intelligent voice guided remote control calibration with acquisition and automatic matching of channels-to-function.
  • D-Class power audio output (10 Watts @ 8 Ohms, 15W @ 4 Ohm)
  • Small dimensions at 92 x 62 x 25mm, leaving more space in cab for interior details