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Discontinued, no longer in production

The IBU2 Navy is based on the friendly system of the Tank and Truck versions, offers easy use and all function integrated in a single module.

• The sound effects are completely user definable via microSD card included, allowing customization of the boat type.
• Sounds synchronized with the functions of the boat, including the start and stop of the engine, engine running, Bow Thruster, Winch, Sirens and custom sounds.
• User settings editable via the microSD card supplied, no special software required.
• The user can select the use of one or two motors, in case of twin engine vessel
the propellers are controlled in a proportional way during turns.
• The user can define the maximum speed of each motor from 0 to 100%
• The user can define the limitation of the forward speed of 0 to 100%
• The user can define the speed limitation of Reverse run from 0 to 100% (based on setting the forward speed).
• Proportional output for smoke generator (max. 2.5 Amp.)
• Power ON / OFF smoke generator relay (max. 10 Amp.)
• Output for proportional control of bidirectional Bow Thruster (max. 2 Amp.)
• Output for proportional control of bidirectional winch (max. 2 amperes)
• ESC latest generation, which allows speed control realistic, which increase  efficiency of battery life.
• Three relay outputs (max. 10 Amp. each) can be operated by remote control.
• Output flasher for signaling system status.
• Protections restorable by the user, the IBU2 Navy is protected by a 2 Amp.    fuse for services and a 16A fuse for the section ESC.
• Monitoring battery voltage to prevent overdischarge and protect the battery, provides visual indication (via the flasher output) and Alarm sound of low battery.
• Supports LiPo 2:03 cells, Ni-Cd / Mi-MH, 6 and 8-cell, lead-acid battery 12V.
• Dual audio amplifier that allows the use of two speakers with separate controls for each channel.
One channel dedicated to the engine, one channel dedicated to sound effects.
• Compact size, 115 x 90 x 40mm.