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R/C Products page 2

Discontinued, no longer in production
IBU2 Truck Version
The IBU2 Truck is a Multi-Function Controller for Radio Controlled Trucks, featuring realistic sound1 effects and lighting2 all from a hobby grade 4 channel radio set (AM, FM, 2.4Ghz)
  • Sound effects are fully user definable via supplied microSD card, so any type of truck can be selected or something totally unique.
  • Fully synchronized sounds with truck actions, including engine startup and shutdown, rev up, brake, reverse beep, horn, indicators, change of speed, gear selection, air discharge, trailer hook up, and many more.
  • User settings changeable via the supplied microSD card, no special software required.
  • Compactable with Tamiya lighting tractor unit and trailer units.
  • Lighting effects controlled via the remote using 4 channel radio set. Including hazards, head lights and tail lights, high beam, fog lights.
  • Automatic synchronized features like reverse beep and reverse light during reversing, brake sounds and brake light when braking, indicators during slow speed turns.
  • Cab vibration unit3 control for realism.
  • Modern ESC allowing ultra realistic speed control even at slow speeds. And higher efficiency allowing longer battery run time.
  • User changeable protection. IBU2 Truck protected by 2A fuse and 10A fuse for ESC. No more sending back to manufacturer for repair after accidental electrical short.
  • Built in battery monitoring to protect your batteries.
  • Supports 2S LiPo, Ni-Cd, Mi-MH batteries.
  • Optional audio upgrade unit, allowing twin speakers and twin volume control. 1 dedicated to engine, 1 dedicated to sound effects each rated at 6w.
  • Small dimensions at 103 x 65 x 25 mm, leaving more space in cab for interior detail.